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Django: Super debugsqlshell Shell

When you’re nearing the expressive limit of the Django ORM, it’s often useful to open up a python shell and see exactly what SQL Django is generating for you. django-debug-toolbar includes the debugsqlshell command for printing out the SQL run in the django ORM – making SQL exploration easy.

debugsqlshell can be a little plain, though – we’ve grown used to the shell_plus command from django_extensions for automatically importing all our models and tools.

For the best of both worlds, we put the two shells together in a third management command that imports all your django models and prints any SQL you run via the Django ORM:

Defines a command that combines django_extension's shell_plus
command and debug_toolbar's debugsqlshell command.

Essentially this gives us the auto import magic of django extension's
shell_plus command and the pretty-sql printing and timing from
debug_toolbar's debusqlshell command

from import Command  # noqa

# the following three lines are adapted from debug_toolbar's debugsqlshell
# see
from django.db.backends import utils as db_backends_utils
from import PrintQueryWrapper

db_backends_utils.CursorDebugWrapper = PrintQueryWrapper

Note that the following two packages are required to run the above management command:

pip install django-debug-toolbar==1.4
pip install django_extensions==1.5.9

I’ve used explicit version numbers because the above command is not part of the public APIs of django-debug-toolbar and django-extensions – the code is subject to change as the respective packages evolve.

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